Concrete Driveways

Concrete Driveways

We specialize in concrete driveways in the Cincinnati Ohio area. Here at MRC Concrete, LLC, we realize that your driveway is one of the first things that people see when pulling up to your home or business. Not only can a professionally installed driveway add that much sought after curb appeal, but it can also drastically increase the value of your property.


The decision to use concrete as the paving material for your driveway is a wise one for many reasons, including one you may not suspect. In addition to lasting twice as long as asphalt, concrete looks substantially better than gravel, is less prone to fracturing than cobblestone and costs less than brick pavers. One of the smartest reasons for choosing concrete over alternative driveway paving materials is that installation in most cases is a significantly smoother operation. MRC Concrete, LLC guarantees quality service throughout the concrete driveway installation process to further alleviate any apprehensions you may have. Beginning with keeping you informed about how the concrete driveway installation in Cincinnati is conducted.

Estimation of your concrete drivewayconcrete driveway cincinnati

One common concern raised by homeowners who have either been victimized by shady companies in the past or are getting advice from someone who had a bad experience on the potential for being ripped off during the estimation process. While it is certainly true that some fly-by-night contractors can manipulate figures to dupe unwitting homeowners, MRC Concrete, LLC utilizes a standard formula for estimating the amount of concrete your driveway will require that is easily understood and almost impossible to use for deception. We will multiply the thickness by the width by the length of the concrete forms you will need and then divide that figure by 27 for conversion into total cubic yards. A small cushion should always be added when estimating concrete to cover potential shortages, but knowing the formula should relieve any anxiety.

Consistency of concrete stamping

One of the keys to ensuring a quality concrete driveway installation is the process of mixing the material to achieve the perfect consistency for your particular needs. Many people confuse concrete with cement, but MRC Concrete, LLC is not in the business of installing cement driveways in Cincinnati. A standard concrete mix would contain roughly 11% Portland cement, 26% sand, 41% crushed stone, 16% water and 6% air., but such a mix might not necessarily be ideal for your driveway during Cincinnati winters. Our goal is not to deliver a truck filled with theoretically perfect concrete to your home, but with a concrete mix that is actually ideal for dealing variations in slopes, soil, usage and weight load. Our definition of a quality concrete driveway installation is not, you might stay, written in stone, but is dependent on the specific needs of our customers.

What to Expect During the concrete driveway Installation


The big question you doubtlessly have, of course, is what to expect during the installation process. Our goal is always to combined quality with speed when it comes to laying down your driveway. The truth is that we have more control over the quality than the speed. Nevertheless, the good news is that the typical driveway can become a reality in less than a week. Dependent entirely upon weather conditions, supply availability and other factors outside of our control.

The course that takes the job from estimation to completion is actually not that difficult or complex. Every job is different, naturally, and some situations result in unexpected hindrances or unforeseen complexities, but in the overwhelming number of cases, you can expect only slight variations upon the standard template of excavating the area, preparing the subgrade, pouring and smoothing the concrete, curing and drying. We will do our best to make sure that you are inconvenienced as little as possible at each and every point of these stages of installation.