Concrete Repair Cincinnati

Concrete Repair

Residents of Cincinnati and surrounding areas now have a place to turn for assistance when the concrete they poured years previously for their garage floors, driveways, or patios has given way to the harsh elements and poor compaction leaving the owner with broken and uneven sunken concrete. Now they can call us for concrete replacement services & concrete repair.


MRC Concrete, LLC has been around serving the needs of concrete repair cincinnatiCincinnati residents for a number of years using the technique concrete replacement or repairs to correct leveling problems and concrete alignment. The benefits to slabjacking are as follows:

  • Cost Effective
  • Immediate Access
  • Drive on it in four hours.
  • Quick and Convenient
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • No concrete to remove and haul away saving landfill space.
  • No grading.
  • No costly re landscaping.
  • No forms to construct or tear down.
  • The Slurry Used to Raise the Slab Provides a Stable Base, Thus Strengthening the Slab

We’ll set up an appointment with you to have one of our qualified technicians sit down with you and clarify in more detail the whole procedure, together with supply you with a free written estimate.

Warranted Against Resettling
Most replacement will not come with a guarantee. They’ll tell you it could be the ground’s fault, not the concrete. Our firm has the solution for only these sorts of issues. We can fix broken and uneven sidewalks, fix sunken driveways, repair basement floors and a lot of other types of concrete raising challenges.

It is not unusual to hear of young kids getting hurt around irregular concrete decks surrounding pools. It is critical that homeowners take care to fix these high risk areas as as soon as possible. Our company is the business you may need to call. We’ve got extensive knowledge and expertise so that we may rapidly and economically do the right concrete repairs.